[VDO] Dumb mechanic sits on an Air-bag; hits the roof! Painful but hilarious!

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Warning: The act in the video is potentially deadly, serious and it would be very cruel to poke fun at it; or at those involved in the making of this video.
But what the heck, let the truth be told- We laughed, and laughed, rolled on the floor (literally,) tears began to flow, half- digested dinner made a lil journey upwards and then we laughed some more!

Whatever happens in a repair shop, seldom remains in a repair shop. It usually ends up on Youtube! Among all the gazzilion videos which shows exploits of geniuses’ with high alcohol content in their bloodstream; this one takes the top spot easily.

 The force of the airbags deploying is enough to literally send the skinny man slamming into the roof of the workshop and then slams him on to the ground with equal force. We do feel sorry for the guy who is seen rubbing his palms together in anticipation for the crazy bump ahead. But, we also hope the alcohol made it little less painful.

P.S – Anyone familiar with the Russian dialect, do help us decipher what his on-looker buddies are saying prior and post the airbag explosion. Bet, it’s something funny!

Watch the crazy footage below:


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