Valley Run 2015 : Final Results and Details

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We already brought you all the images from the Valley Run and here we have the final results of all the categories of races which took place at the Valley Run 2015. This year, the event attracted around over 380 competitors, who were segregated into different classes according to engine size, make and modifications. They were then allowed one practice run to get their launch right before the final run. Those who had a jumpstart were allowed another run, but at the cost of a penalty fine.

Ali Fazal @ The Vall

This was the third edition of the event, which is promoted by Elite Octane. The event saw cars and bikes of various designs and horsepower blast down the the 402-meter drag strip which was made on the Aamby Valley airstrip. Last year, Ricky Gadson set a record timing of 9.843 secs on a tuned Kawasaki ZX-14R for a quarter mile!

Super Cars @ The Valley Run 2015

The Elite Octane’s Valley Run is approved by Federation of Motor Sports Club in India (FMSCI) sanctioned event, FMSCI is the only national motor sport federation recognized by the Government of India for the promotion and control of motor sport in India.


The Director of Elite Octane, Mr. Rongom Mukherjee said “The Valley Run has stepped even further in terms of participation & partnership. We have more than 380 numbers of registration which is drastically higher than last year and in terms of partners, we also had International partners supporting the event such as the film “Furious 7″ from the Fast & Furious series and also Mr. Ali Fazal, who plays a role in the movie witness the event.”


Here are the detailed results of the Valley Run 2015 :

TVR 2015 - 4WD - Final Results-page-001

TVR 2015 - 4WD - Final Results-page-002

TVR 2015 - 4WD - Final Results-page-003

TVR 2015 - 4WD - Final Results-page-004

TVR 2015 - 2WD - Final Results-page-001

TVR 2015 - 2WD - Final Results-page-002

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