User Review: Sanjeet Bhawsar shares his Ducati Scrambler ownership experience

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Premium and exotic motorcycle manufacturers are now trying to lure in a larger audience base with their new, high volume products. Cruiser motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson introduced its relatively affordable Street 500 and Street 750 motorcycles and won many hearts across the globe. Exotic motorcycle brand Indian Motorcycles, which is well known for its products such as Chief Vintage and Chieftain that cost anywhere between Rs 30-35 lakh, also retails the Scout that is relatively affordable with a price tag of Rs 12 lakh (ex-showroom).

Italian two-wheeler maker Ducati has also entered the race to reach a wider audience base with its easy to ride and currently its most affordable product, the Scrambler. For 2015, Ducati has re-engineered the classic and added many modern day features for a fun to ride experience. The new Scrambler is equipped with Ducati’s L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, air cooled engine that delivers 75 hp of power and 68Nm of torque.

The list of standard features includes a steel tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels, headlight with glass lens, LED light-guide and interchangeable aluminium cover, LED rear light with diffusion-light, LCD instruments with interchangeable aluminium cover and an under-seat storage compartment with USB socket.

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Sanjeet Bhawsar (yellow t-shirt) poses with the Ducati Scrambler

Besides the list of modern features and a really potent engine, what makes the Ducati Scrambler truly desirable is the ability of the motorcycle to adapt to various riding conditions. The Scrambler is one of the motorcycles that you can ride to work every day and, at the same time, use it to explore the serene and mystique Himalayas. Smooth city tarmac or broken trail, the Ducati Scrambler can handle it all.

The Scrambler recently made its way to the Indian market at an attractive price and many people are lining up to buy this motorcycle and be a part of Ducati’s rich history. We spoke to one of the current owners of the motorcycle and avid Motoroids follower Sanjeet Bhawsar about his ownership experience of the new Ducati Scrambler. Here is what he has to say:

How many kilometers have you clocked on your new Ducati Scrambler?

I have clocked over 1,000 km on my new Ducati Scrambler and am absolutely loving the motorcycle. The first periodic service is already out of the way and the motorcycle has munched more miles since then.

Which other motorcycles do you currently own apart from the Scrambler?

Apart from the Ducati Scrambler, I currently own a 500cc Royal Enfield Classic, a Harley Davidson Superlow Custom and the Honda Scooter trio – Dio, Activa and Aviator.

Why did you choose the Ducati Scrambler? Did you consider other motorcycles before making a purchase decision?

My initial plan was to buy the Benelli TNT 600 GT but one test ride of the Scrambler was enough for me to change my decision and go for the Ducati. My friends and I were pleasantly surprised with the Scrambler’s peppy engine.

How is the handling? Is it easily manageable or does it require an extra effort?

The Scrambler has light weight which makes it very easy to handle. You have to put in very little effort to flick the motorcycle around. The Ducati Scrambler is one motorcycle that you can use on a daily basis and, at the same time, used it for long highway journeys. The motorcycle can also handle off roading adventures quite efficiently.

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How friendly is the riding position/ergonomics?

The motorcycle receives high raised handlebar that provides a really comfortable riding position. You can ride the Scrambler for long distances without much hassle. I have ridden the motorcycle for over 300 kilometers in one single journey and the experience was utterly relaxing.

What do you have to say about the power delivery and gear shifts? How was your experience over the kilometres that you have clocked on this motorcycle?

Twist the throttle and you would get a glimpse of the power the 803cc L-Twin motor has to offer. The motorcycle can easily venture into speeds that can get you in trouble if you are not attentive. The six speed gearbox is a boon and the transmission is crisp and precise.

How well do the brakes respond? How would you rate Ducati’s safety net?

The Brembo brakes and the ABS system are standard equipment, and provide immense braking confidence to the rider. The Ducati Scrambler, according to me, is one of the safest motorcycles in this segment.

How is the headlight performance at night?

The headlight is one of the most attractive features of the Ducati Scrambler. I love the headlight with glass lens and LED light-guide. The headlight provides very good illumination during night.

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What is it about your Ducati Scrambler that makes you feel proud?

I am the first owner of the Scrambler in Gujarat which makes me feel really special. I absolutely love my Scrambler.

What are the negatives that you have come across?

I feel that Ducati should have a better dealer network in the country. Moreover, the accessories could have been priced more reasonably. The prices of Ducati accessories is India is nearly twice than that in the international market.

What has been your longest ride on the Scrambler?

My longest ride on the Ducati has been from Mumbai to Vyara, my home town which covered over 300 kms.

What are the service charges for your Ducati Scrambler?

The first periodic service was done at 1,000 km mark. It was minimum hassle as Infinity Ducati provided door step service. Total expenses came up to Rs 13,100 which included travelling charges for the labour, spares and consumables and the taxes.

Would you like to share any pointers on parking in public places?

The Ducati Scrambler attracts a big crowd so you have to keep an eye on the motorcycle. Mine being the first Ducati in Gujarat, attracted a lot of attention. I think the yellow colour is pure eye candy and I can keep staring at my Scrambler for hours.

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Now that you have bought the Ducati Scrambler, what products are next on your bucket list?

I would really love to add the new Indian Chief Dark Horse to my garage.

What is the fuel economy that the Scrambler returns to a litre of fuel?

The engine is quite powerful which affects the fuel economy. Expect fuel economy figures to hover between 15-18 kmpl.

That’s what Sanjeet Bhawsar has to say about his new Ducati Scrambler. We would stay connected to Sanjeet for a long term report so don’t forget to stay tuned for a new detailed long term user review. Meanwhile, share your views about the new Ducati Scrambler with us through the comments section below.

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