Upcoming BMW-TVS project is a sub-500cc single, TVS to produce its own range using same platform

The first product to spawn out of the BMW-TVS partnership will be a sub-500cc single cylinder motorcycle. TVS will use the platform to create a new product.

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In an interview with an Australian motorcycling magazine, BMW Motorrad CEO Stephan Schaller has confirmed that the upcoming BMW-TVS motorcycle is a sub-500cc, single cylinder motorbike. However, the interesting bit happens to be that several different designs will spawn out of the same platform, where although components will be sourced locally, BMW Motorrad will take sole responsibility for engineering. What it hints towards is that a common platform will be used by both TVS and BMW, where the former will use it to produce its own range of performance motorcycles, while the latter will build entry-level examples for international markets to be sold with a BMW moniker.


Mr Schaller confirmed that every bike coming out of BMW’s five production locations, which include the main factory in Berlin, the ones at Thailand, Brazil, China and the upcoming unit in India will produce bikes for the world markets under the BMW name and badge. There will be no differentiation, where one production line is for low-priced markets, while another makes better products for higher-priced markets.


Another important revelation made during the interview was that the engine will also be shared in all probability, BMW’s CEO stating that a single cylinder being a good place to start with things. However, the disappointing bit he mentioned is that more will be revealed only within the next two years, which seems like a long wait. He also clarified that unlike KTM and Bajaj, BMW’s partnership with TVS has no financial implications and their cooperation is based on mutual interest in building new products.

Mr Challer also revealed that in alliance with their Chinese partner Loncin, BMW has decided to produce a second engine, which will be a middleweight, twin-cylinder design that is currently under development.

Source: AMCN

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