Unveiled: The 2014 Indian Big Chief Custom


2014 Indian Big Chief Custom (2)

A fully customized Indian Chief Classic dubbed the 2014 Indian Big Chief Custom has been unveiled at the International Motorcycle Show in New York. The 2014 Indian Big Chief Custom is the first custom in the history of America’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer, conceptualized and designed by the “Big Chief Custom”- the Industrial Design team of Indian Motorcycle spearheaded by Greg Brew- the head of Polaris Industries’ Industrial Design team.

2014 Indian Big Chief Custom

The custom motorcycle features a custom paint scheme and a billet girder front fork. The billet aluminum girder brings back memories of the Indian Motorcycles of the 1930s and 40s- which though complicated in design was rugged enough to serve the US Army during the World War II. The girder fork sports fully machined uprights and sand-blasted billet cross members riding on a custom 23-inch front wheel. A custom front valance fender, shock and headlight reminisce and conclude the vintage front look of the motorcycle. The comfort factor has been taken care of by a cantilever mounted classic springer style seat and a single rear shock.

2014 Indian Big Chief Custom (3)

For further customization, Indian Motorcycles is also offering a list of accessories that includes Chrome Grips, Beach Bars, Cam Covers, Primary Covers, Stage 1 exhaust sports Fish Tail Tips, War Bonnet Floorboard Pads, Heel shifters and chrome Rear Fender Bumper.

In addition to being showcased at the 2014 International Motorcycle Show, the 2014 Indian Big Chief Custom is slated for tour stops at Novi, Michigan; Washington DC; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and Seattle, Washington.

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