Ulka Gear Introduces Riding Jacket Which Can Be Converted Into A Backpack


When the riding has stopped, lugging around or storing the helmet, gloves and the jacket itself, is a task. However, Ulka Gear, an Indian company with a serious rider at the helm of affairs, has found a revolutionary solution.

The brand has launched a convertible jacket for the first time in the global market from India. This range of jacket can be converted into a backpack, enabling the rider to carry his helmet, gloves, and goggles with ease when not riding.

Hakkit Forever + Features

This product was designed keeping in mind the ease of mobility which is the need for every motorcycle enthusiast. The company’s approach towards innovation & disruption is redefining the norms of design & safety. The range of product is available on the digital platform Amazon.in and the company website www.ulkagear.com.

UlkaGear has launched two versions of the convertible riding jacket:

  • Hakkit Forever, a summer touring jacket priced at Rs 10,999
  • Summer city jacket – Hakkit V2 priced at Rs 8,999

It is available in different sizes from XS to 3XL along with adjustable waist & water-resistant pockets. Each product also comes with a waterproof rain cover that can be worn over the main jacket to provide water protection and worn inside to provide wind protection. These are unisex breathable lightweight summer jacket in which, users can in one zip convert it into a backpack without any hassles. Hakkit Forever has a unique pocket on the left forearm that is big enough to occasionally be used as a mobile phone holder. Both jackets offer CE Level 1 protection for the rider’s elbows and shoulders.

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Ulka Gear riding jacket

Ulka Gear is the brainchild of Shahnawaz Karim who is the Founder of this company. In his own words, “India has the largest motorcycle market in the world with almost 21 million units sold in 2019. When hitting the open roads, the biker’s gears including helmet, jackets etc. is of paramount significance thus offering maximum functionality. Being an ex-national circuit racer and trainer myself, I understand the pulse of the motorcycle bikers & aim to provide with a motorcycling experience. We designed a convertible jacket which has weathered the test of time & aim to become one of the most iconic items of clothing for a motorcyclist. I am optimistic that we would emerge in times to come as India’s most efficient rider’s apparel brand to reckon with.”


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