Two GTU Students develop Electric Kit For Motorcycles; Can Cover 80 KM at a cost of 25 Paise

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While the steep hike in fuel prices might not put a frown on the faces of people with deep pockets, it has definitely turned out to be a worrisome affair for the common junta. Resorting to electric vehicles only seems plausible now and the authorities too, are pushing forward the idea of shifting towards electric mobility solutions. The big players of the game have already entered the electric game or are planning but we aren’t here to talk about any mass-produced electric car by a reputed manufacturer.

More details about new battery operated Kit

We have assembled here to sing praises for two students who have developed a new battery-operated kit to run motorbikes at a much cheaper rate.

GTU students electric kit

The case in consideration here is of two Gujarat Technical University students (GTU) who have developed a battery-operated kit to run motorbikes at a cheaper rate using the non-conventional source of energy. Arpit Chauhan and Kartik Atreya developed the new electric kit, which used six lead-acid batteries and lithium to run the motorbikes. The students claim that the bike can cover 80 km at a minimal cost of only 25 paise only. Chauhan and Atreya spent six years on research and experiments before developing the electric kit successfully, and now they are working on developing kits for other automobiles.The two students have now begun research for the development of similar kits which will be used for three and four-wheelers, including auto-rickshaws, tractors and cars, said Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Navin Sheth.

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Electric Vehicle – A new trend

Talking about the shift towards electric vehicles, the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) on Tuesday launched their Switch Delhi campaign to encourage private vehicle owners to shift to electric vehicles. The campaign in association with WRI India, a research organisation that works to foster environmentally sound and socially equitable development, was launched by Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot. The webinar that saw the participation of over 100 electric vehicle enthusiasts comprised two panel discussions – one with EV adopters and experts, and another on how youth can drive the EV movement in Delhi. The webinar was the first in a series of similar virtual events organised under the Switch Delhi campaign, an eight-week mass awareness initiative by the Delhi government to sensitise Delhiites about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles.


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