TVS Motor Company launches TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30 Engine Oil

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TVS Motor Company has announced the launch of TVS TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30, a fully synthetic engine Oil. TVS TRU4 Synthetic meets Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation – JASO MA2 and American Petroleum Institute – API SL. The main characteristics of TVS TRU4 Synthetic engine oil include smooth clutch operation, low temperature start-ability and longer service life.

Available in 1 litre and 900 ml packs, it comes with an attractive pricing of Rs. 525 per litre with each pack carrying an unique number.

“Synthetic oil flows better in cold weather, making engine starts easier and offering better protection. In addition, synthetic oil resists viscosity changes at extremely high temperatures unlike conventional oil, which can break down or evaporate at such temperatures, causing damage to the engine. Synthetic oil is slicker than conventional oil and therefore enables smoother, cooler engine operation resulting in better power and better fuel economy” said Mr. K Venkateswarlu, Vice President – Parts Business, TVS Motor Company.

TVS TRU4 Synthetic Oil uses an advanced formulation technology for extreme thermal conditions to establish superior thermal stability both at high and low temperatures. This technology also brings about preferential friction reduction, superior engine cleanliness and smoother clutch performance, leading to better ride comfort.

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