TVS Flame twin spark to be relaunched this year!


TVS Motor Company had found itself amidst a legal battle with Bajaj Auto with regards to the use of the twin spark technology which Bajaj claims to be patented. TVS used this twin spark technology in the TVS Flame which was discontinued due to the legal controversies. As the case went on, the firm launched a single spark plug version of the TVS Flame. However, TVS turned out to be victorious in the battle and will soon relaunch the 125cc twin spark TVS Flame.

“We are clearing the stocks of the single spark-plug version. Production of twin spark-plug Flame will begin this month,” said TVS Motor’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Venu Srinivasan. The single spark plug version will be discontinued as the twin spark TVS Flame goes on sale.

 Source: Indian Motos Blog


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  3. Good comparison guys, but you could have used the same Green Figo in all pics, in some pics, Figo is grey, why I am particular is that, grey Figo isn't that good to look at. The Blue Micra is quite rare in pics and that car standing with the Green Figo was a fantastic photo. I still fill Figo is more value for money and since we know already about Ford's service, spare parts cost, Figo provides trouble free ownership right now. If only Nissan could provide good dealers, with good service centres, people who are residing in places other than the metros can afford Micra.


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