TVS e-Scooters To Get Parking Assist System?

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According to the motoring portal BikeWale, TVS Motors is working on a new Park Assist System for its electric scooters and the Creon will most likely be the first product to receive the technology. There’s no official word from TVS about such technology being under development.

The report suggests that the new feature will come handy in tight parking spots by providing motion assistance in moving the vehicle. Here’s how the source report claims that the system will work.

TVS CREON Concept – 2018 AUto Expo

The Park Assist System will take into account various factors such as the speed, throttle input and the brake position. To engage front motion assist, the rider will have to give some throttle input while keeping the scooter below 6 kmph. For the reverse motion, the vehicle needs to be at a standstill and the brakes disengaged. Here’s the tricky bit. The report adds that the system will check “if the rear wheel has moved more than 90 degrees” and if it has, the scooter will automatically reverse at the speed of 3-4 kmph to assist the rider. On an incline, the system will automatically engage brakes if the vehicle moves at more than pre-defined speeds. The will automatically turn ON the hazard lamps while the instrument console will display “Parking assist on” message.

TVS Creon 010

As aforementioned, we haven’t heard any official statement about any such developments from TVS Motors. The tech makes a lot more sense for full-size adventure tourers or cruiser motorcycles which require a lot more effort to move around in the parking lot. For everything else with two-wheels, we’d stick to the good ol’ rear-view mirror and foot power.

Source: Bikewale