Toyota Yaris Scores 1 Star In Latin N Cap Crash Test

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In recent days, the New Car Assessment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean, ‘Latin NCAP’ has been shooting down some of the very popular cars of the automobile industry. The safety estimates of some of the cars are so bad that it proves, being outside the car is safer than being in the cabin. Maruti Suzuki’s Baleno and Swift, Renault’s Duster have performed poorly, getting a zero-star rating. With only a sliver worth better, the Toyota Yaris received a one-star rating. Though the Yaris has been discontinued from the Indian market, it is still worth looking at its NCAP rating as it shows the level of safety being offered to us by the car manufacturer The Toyota Yaris had been tested two years back in 2019, and it got a good 3-star rating. It is only because of the introduction of the newer and more recent variants equipped with only three airbags, that the car’s safety rating has gone down.

Toyota Yaris Latin NCAP Frontal Offset Deformable test

Test Result

The car tested by Latin NCAP is similar to the model that was being sold in India. According to Latin NCAP, the popular B segment model (with double airbags and ESC) achieved 41.43% in the Adult Occupant box, 63.85% in the Child Occupant box, 61.63% in Pedestrian Protection and Vulnerable Road Users box, and 41.86% in Safety Assist box. In the frontal offset deformable test, the car provides adequate protection to the head of the driver but only provides marginal protection to the chest and thighs. The co-driver gets adequate protection for the head, chest, and calves; but has a good impact on the thighs. The test also showed that the passenger seat seatbelt reminder was not working properly.

Toyota Yaris Side Mobile Barrier Test

The frontal impact test suggests that the car has an unstable structure and unstable footwell area performance. The model tested, did not offer and side curtain airbags. Side impact showed a door opening during the test. It makes the car highly unsafe and poses a risk of rear passenger ejection during an accident which can be fatal. In the whiplash test, the car offers less than adequate safety for the neck region. The one-star result is explained by the poor side impact protection, marginal whiplash protection in dynamics, lack of standard side head protection airbags, and lack of passenger Seatbelt Reminder (SBR) according to Latin NCAP. Toyota Yaris received the lowest rating that the brand has ever gotten among all of its cars.


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