Toyota teases 2012 Camry again

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Toyota seems to be obsessed with those headlamps of the new 2012 Camry. Or is it that the headlamps are the only good looking part of the new car? We saw Akio Toyoda teasing the headlamps of the new version of this No.1 US family sedan earlier, and now with the second teaser too, Toyota are showing the eyes only.

It’s not that other pictures of the car apart from the teaser have not surfaced. In fact totally undisguised pictures of the car in the form of brochure images and spy shots of the car when being filmed for an ad-shoot have been doing the rounds on the interweb for quite some time now. One thing is for sure with the new teaser though; the overkill of chrome that we witnessed on the grille of the car in the earlier images will not make it to the usual petrol driven variant. Probably all that shiny bit is reserved solely for the hybrid version. You can check out all these images and stories on Motoroids by searching for the 2012 Camry.

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