Toyota Prius recall drive- 1.9 million globally, 167 in India

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It has emerged that Japanese auto giant Toyota has announced a recall drive for its highly successful Prius hybrid. This latest recall drive covers many global markets, including that of India. In India, as many as 167 models fall under this recall drive.

The latest Toyota Prius recall has been announced owing to a potential software error in the hybrid system, which can disable the car from entering a fail-safe mode.

Toyota has stated that while it hasn’t yet received any complaints or have come across  issues marring the Prius units sold in Indian car market, the recall has been launched as a voluntary exercise to ensure high standard of quality, along with the safety of the driver and the occupants. The necessary fixes will be carried out at authorized dealerships and quite obviously, would be free of charge for the owner. The repairs will take less than two hours and all the owners of the affected cars will be duly notified.

via Autocar India

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