Tinder Announces Zoom Badge, Those With Swanky Rides Get More Matches

Yes, you read it right. Leading dating app Tinder has added a new feature which helps users with swanky rides to connect quicker and better.

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Tinder seems to have heard the voices of every teenager in our country. The company has now launched a new Zoom feature for singles to show off their beautiful rides and increase their chances of obtaining a match. One may add cars or bikes in their list of interests to quickly find a match with Zoom members of the other gender. So before you try and go ahead to photoshop your picture with some random supercars, you might want to know that Tinder will first verify if the picture has been doctored in any manner before giving you an official Zoom tag. Those who think they qualify can apply for the Zoom tag, but only a select few, based on strict vetting will get the badge.

Tinder Zoom featured picture

Once you get a certified Zoom tag from Tinder, the algorithm will increase the chances of getting a match by as much as 100%. This feature has been made available across a very few countries, India being one of them. Tinder believes that this would be a better way for matching people as boys toys’ are the most clear indicators of the special status of the high flyers (both men and women) who deserve a special place on the platform. According to Tinder they’re also great conversation starters.

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We also have been told that Tinder will do regular checks to ensure that the pictures uploaded by the users are legit. Apart from the check, the app will also regularly keep an eye on the kind of cars and bikes you own and regular changes would raise their suspicion. Moreover, users too can report for false ownership seen on other profiles to prevent the misuse of the Zoom badge. So what are you waiting for? Click a picture of yourself with your ride and be ready to get matched, just have a look at today’s date before you do so.