This Retro Styled Honda CBR 400RR is an Agonisingly Desirable Baby Blade

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The CBR400RR or the Baby Blade was one hell of a machine for its time. Packing in an inline-four engine setup within a compact 400cc displacement, it was a firecracker of a machine, and was properly capable of hitting 200 km/h. We once had the privilege of riding this beauty and the time we had is etched in our memories forever. So when we received this email from a youngster duo who had painstakingly recreated their own rendition of the legendary machine, replete in Rothman’s livery, we were compelled to share the story with you.

Nishanth Patel

Nishanth Patel

Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma a mechanical graduate, and his friend Nishanth Patel, decided to build a bike after their final semester. The duo was a part of an off road racing team which they founded and competed under the name of for 3 years at the SAE BAJA. However, when college ended and the placements started, all the companies that came in to recruit were primarily from the IT sector. Oriented towards the mechanical engineering stream, computers and software wasn’t something that appealed to metal junkies. So to pursue their love for handmade motorcycles, they set out to create a custom machine.

Nishanth had a CBR 400 RR also known as the NC 29 and it came across as the perfect canvas for the platform since the original body was in bad shape owing to the negligence of the previous owner. They wanted it to have a retro look, and stand out among a sea of modern, edgy machines.

To carve out their desired shape in metal, the two friends made a cardboard template and then made the entire shape out of aluminium. All those panels, which are a prominent departure from the lines of the original, have been handmade using a flat sheet of Aluminium. The entire chassis was buffed for a mirror finish including the swing arm. The bike retains its original head lights though.

Piyush Verma Photogrpah

The finished custom 400RR also has a free-flow exhaust, blue racing hose pipes, custom wiring and racing brake lines. Since the bike was retro styled, Nishanth decided to go for the old school Rothman’s Honda paint scheme. The paint job was carried out at Fusion Kustoms.

The duo believes that this is a one of its kind custom CBR400RR in India since it’s a rare machine, and those who have it also want to maintain its original styling and livery. While it’s a small beginning for the two friends, it’s impressive nonetheless. We wish the two grease monkeys all the best for their future.

Check out some more images of the machine in the gallery below.

Retro Styled CBR400RR Rothman’s Honda Livery (5)
Retro Styled CBR400RR Rothman’s Honda Livery (4)
Retro Styled CBR400RR Rothman’s Honda Livery (3)

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