This Rendered Apple iSUV Is The Result Of Imagination Running Wild!

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Apple making cars sounds just as ridiculous as Volkwagen making phones. But recently, rumors were ripe that the tech giant might foray into mobility solutions and could roll out an electric car by 2024. In 2014, Apple kickstarted its automotive efforts and named its project as Project Titan. Although further developments suggest that it might not see the light of the day, who wouldn’t want to see a biggie like Apple rolling out an electric car.

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The reason why we have assembled here today is because Jan Peisert of Peisert Design, a renowned car designer has showcased his version of Apple’s electric car and it looks very close to reality!

Apple car render (1)

Dubbed as Apple One, it is being positioned as a Hyper SUV. To make things clearer, if Apple indeed goes ahead and develops something like this, it could go head-on against the much-hyped Tesla Cybertruck. Regarding the name, it couldn’t have been more perfect! It is derived right from the tech giant’s first product, which Jan reminds us was a gamechanger. Since the Apple Car will be the company’s first vehicle, it makes sense to name it the Apple ONE. According to Peisert Design, the Apple ONE would be a “top-of-the-line” SUV, positioned as one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market, designed with Apple’s stores and current products in mind.

And that shows in the rendered images as it features Mac Pro-inspired front grille, illuminated Apple emblem, gleaming DRLs, laser headlight with projector, side turn signal integrated with chrome trim, automatic gesture control butterfly doors, and wiperless windshield. It could also get a retractable wooden stepping board, a diffuser and 22-inch magnesium chrome wheels (24-inch high-performance wheels on the Sport version).

The Peisert potential Apple electric SUV comes in two varieties: The Apple ONE and Apple ONE Sport. According to the designer, the ONE could put down 1300HP from its 4 electric motors in each wheel and it could have a range of 800-mile. While the Sport version could make as much as 1976HP while having a range of 650-mile.

Those are some tall claims and make us believe that this is why imaginations are tagged ‘wild’ sometimes. Regarding the actual electric car from Apple, the horizon is still full of mist and it would take some time to get a clearer look at things.


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