This Mercedes-Maybach by Brabus puts out enough oomph to scare most supercars

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Brabus has been churning out silly powerful and insanely fast Mercedes-Benz cars for a while. The German tuning house has now turned their attention towards the super-luxurious S600 Mercedes-Maybach. Just for info, the “standard” S600 comes with a massive 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 petrol engine. This astonishing engine churns out 530bhp and a crushing 830 Nm of torque. This gives the S600 a 0-100 km/h run time of 5 seconds and an electronically-limited top whack of 250 km/h.  Pretty brisk, but Brabus disagrees.

 BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach front

What Brabus has done, is take out the measly 6.0-litre unit and then replace it with an even larger BRABUS ROCKET 900 6.3 V12 motor. This engine isn’t your garden variety unit, obviously. Brabus has achieved this by fitting a custom billet crankshaft with longer stroke and the cylinder bores are also larger. Forged pistons and totally reworked connecting rods have been engineered too. All this has increased the size of the engine and it has grown from being a 6.0-litre to a 6.3-litre. That’s not it; Brabus has gone ahead and chucked away the mundane twin-turbos of the regular Mercedes-Maybach and fitted their own. These monsters have larger compressors and turbine, which are further complimented by custom exhaust manifolds and larger 3.1-inch diameter downpipes. The BRABUS ROCKET 900 comes fitted with a free-flow metal catalysts and stainless-steel Brabus high-performance exhaust system. If all that wasn’t enough fiddling, the tuning house also gave the system a butterfly valve. Result is a Mercedes-Maybach that you will definitely hear as it passes by.

BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach engine

The heart of this beast beckons respect! Note the gold heat reflective sheathing.

The 6.3-litre powerplant further gets a carbon-fibre intake manifold, revised air filter and Gold Heat Reflection sheathing to help aid engine cooling. Brabus has also revised the engine mapping for injection, boost pressure control and ignition. The result of all these modifications is 900 horsepower and an incredible 1500 Nm of torque at the rear wheels. The Mercedes-Maybach weighs a hefty 2.8 tonnes. However, with a mini nuclear powerplant under the bonnet, 0-100 km/h takes just 3.7 seconds and a top whack of 350 km/h means you will walk past many hardcore sports cars.

BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach side

This Brabus is silky smooth and can also ruffle your feathers if you poke it.

Brabus has given the Mercedes-Maybach 21-inch Platinum Edition, forged monoblock wheels. Wrapping these wheels is 255-section rubber at the front and 295-section ones at the rear. This custom Maybach also gets Brabus-tuned Magic Body Control and this limo has been lowered by 25mm to keep all that performance in check. On the exterior front, Brabus has fitted larger air intakes in the front bumper, integrated diffuser for the rear bumper and chrome-plated tailpipes.

BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach interior (2)

It couldn’t possibly get more luxurious than this.

The cabin is fully customizable and you can choose Alcantara, leather, wood or carbon-fibre inlays, all of any colour you want. Apart from these, all the goodies you can find in the regular S600 Mercedes-Maybach are available with this one too. If you are interested, the Mercedes-Maybach by Brabus costs around half a million dollars. Anyway, let us know what you thought of this outrageous yet magnificent Maybach in the comments section below.

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BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach side
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach rear
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach interior (2)
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach interior (1)
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach front
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach engine
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach engine (3)
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach engine (2)
BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach engine (1)

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