This Bolt-On Kit Can Convert Your Royal Enfield Into a Scrambler in Just 30 Minutes!

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Customizing our motorcycle according to our taste is one of the many things out of which us motorcyclists derive absolute pleasure. But there are many flip sides of customizing your motorcycle. First up, what if the builder screws up the whole project? Because it requires a certain level of expertise and determination. And what if you don’t like the end product? Going back to stock would again require a lot of money, time and efforts. That is when Bolt-on kits come into play.

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If you have a Royal Enfield and want to turn it into a Scrambler, Bolt-On Design from Chennai offers a Scrambler conversion kit which can transform your RE into a Scrambler in just 30 minutes!

Bolt on Royal enfield scrambler conversion kit

What does the include?

There have been rumours building up that RE might come up with a Scrambler soon but given the current situation, it might take some considerable time to turn into reality. If you want to give your stock RE a rugged appearance which reflect its ‘go-anywhere’ attitude, Bolt-On Design has just the right solution for you. They offer the Scrambler conversion kits for Royal Enfield Classic 350/500, Thunderbird 350/500/X and for Standard 350/500. The kit includes rear Scrambler subframe, scrambler seat, rear mudguard, front mudguard with high rise bracket, front fender, vintage tank straps, handle grips and side-mounted no plate bracket.

Bolt on Royal enfield scrambler conversion kit (2)

A DIY job

One of the major highlights of the conversion kit is, you don’t need to go to a garage to get the job done as it is a simple DIY job and according to the company, it can be assembled in around 30 minutes! Moreover, it doesn’t require any cutting, welding or grinding. Like we mentioned earlier, one of the flip sides of customizing a motorcycle is, getting it back to its stock form becomes a tricky affair. This Bolt-on kit, on the other hand, doesn’t alter the chassis in any way and one can go back to stock whenever it is pleased.

Bolt on Royal enfield scrambler conversion kit (1)

The company also claims that installing the kit also brings down the overall weight a little. The company offers the kit according to the colour of your RE and there is also an option to choose the custom seat colour.

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