Thief poses as potential buyer, kills Bangalore techie and flees with motorcycle


KTM 390 Duke Owner Killed - 4

An advertisement on Facebook ended on a horrifying incident after the seller was poisoned and killed by a thief who posed as a potential buyer. The advertisement was posted on Facebook page Second to None by 35-year-old Bangalore techie Sohan Haldar who wanted to sell his KTM 390 Duke and upgrade to a bigger motorcycle. Haldar was murdered by 30-year-old engineering graduate Karthik Doulath.

KTM 390 Duke Owner Killed - 2

Sohan Haldar

The duo first met at Haldar’s apartment on August 1 to discuss the deal. Doulath again met Haldar on August 3rd to finalise the deal. The two had a few drinks when Doulath mixed Haldar’s drink with Silver Potassium content or cyanide. To make sure that Haldar does not survive the poison, Doulath choked him using a cloth.

KTM 390 Duke Owner Killed - 1

Accused Karthik Doulath

After killing Haldar, Doulath fled with his KTM 390 Duke, mobile phone, cash and ATM cards. Doulath also used Haldar’s ATM cards to withdraw INR 27,000. He found the ATM pin which was written on the cover of the card. Doulath was identified and traced on Wednesday with the help of CCTV footage from Haldar’s building and call records.

Doulath who is an engineering graduate is currently unemployed. He is a repeat offender who earlier arrested for trying to rob a private MNC bank and a jewellery shop. He even tried to sedated his friend’s parents to steal a laptop.

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  1. Why or how is he still roaming in outside world with all the crimes he commited and he has murdered a techie now . Hang him to death !! Thanks for the news because i thought of selling my motorcycle as well , now ill be informed !!!!


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