The Tata H5X SUV Makes A Dazzling Entry At The Auto Expo 2018


The all-new, much awaited Tata Motors SUV is finally here. Called the Tata H5X, it is the sharpest homegrown SUV ever. With its mean looking headlights, seriously flared arches, humongous wheels and that pinched rear roofline, the H5X hits all the right visual notes. Our man is at the event where more details about the SUV are being shared. This post will be updated with information as it flows.


Based on an optimal modular efficient global advanced Architecture, Tata wants to redefine the SUV benchmarks in the country with this vehicle. Tata hasn’t revealed much if the production variant will come out looking just the same or will it look slightly different. Given the Nexon’s journey from idea to reality though, we don’t expect the actual car to be much different. Below are a few images for you to salivate.


Tata H5X Suv At The Auto Expo 2018 (12)
Tata H5X Suv At The Auto Expo 2018 (9)
Tata H5X Suv At The Auto Expo 2018 (4)

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