The Bigger Ninjas cometh: Kawasaki to launch the Kawasaki ZX10R and ZX14R in India by September

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Kawasaki ZX10R ZX14R India Launch

A month more and you might well see the elder siblings from the Kawasaki stable adorning your neighbourhood Probiking showrooms. Plans to launch the Kawasaki ZX10R and the ZX14R are underway and Kawasaki should be revealing the prices next month around the launch dates. The blokes at OVERDRIVE who have been carrying this good news are expecting the prices to be in the region of 15 lakhs for the Kawasaki ZX10R and 17 lakhs for the ZX14R.

Enthusiasts would be able to see more shades of green at Probiking in the coming months which had been overwhelmed by the Orange offerings. Though other Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have been selling their bigger bikes- but with the numbers being less than satisfactory, it was no wonder that Bajaj held back its horses and concentrated more on KTM to appealing to a wider mass audience. Being brought in via the CBU routes, the two motorcycles should be available at major of the 72 Probiking showrooms across India giving the Bajaj-Kawasaki alliance a larger reach than other Japanese manufacturers.

With British Manufacturer Triumph slated to hit the Indian shores in November this year, the entry of Kawasaki with the two big motorcycles makes it an exciting year ahead for enthusiasts planning to buy superbikes through an official dealership channel. Though on the other hand, the prices might put off the major of the population seeking to buy a performance motorcycle at an affordable and lower price point, we feel that entry of the bigwigs would slowly but gradually raise the graph and the demand for affordable performance motorcycles in India.

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  • han says:

    @ all members does any one know will the zx10r or zx10r abs go on sale in India????

  • @Swap: We doubt! The ZX14R comes with a regulatory restriction on the speed at 299 kph. For record sake the MV Agusta F4 R 312 and the BMW S1000RR click numbers on the other side of the 300 kph mark. But yes, it can be termed as the most powerful production bike at present.

  • @Shashank: You seem to have some news 🙂 Let see!

    @Edward: Nice calculation there. Unfortunately there will be a very elite few who’d be able to afford this road going monsters- as Niranjan has pointed out.

    @Niranjan: Extremely well said!

  • swap says:

    Isn’t the 14 R the fastest production bike?

  • Niranjan V says:

    Depreciating Rupee and our wonderful government policies will ensure that these beautiful machines remain in the garages of those with ample disposable income. The US price quoted in one of the posts above translates to around INR 10 Lac which is reasonable…but the 7 Lac above the original price, which is siphoned off my pocket and lands up in some politicians pocket is something that I’m not really comfortable with. Till they start manufacturing these here, I don’t see any respite to this..until then, these wonderful machines remain display pieces for me.

    Ranting further, the finance ministry has recently decided that all luxury items be further taxed to reduce the currency depreciation. It is possible that a further “Luxury Tax” may be implemented.

    Damn this…