Thane Traffic Police Sends ‘Thank You’ Notes to Motorists Who Obey Traffic Rules


How many times have you been stopped by the Traffic Police on random occasions for checking your vehicle documents? However annoying as it seemed before, it might soon turn into a pleasant surprise, at least for a few of us who obey the traffic rules. The Thane traffic police have teamed up with an NGO called Thank You India Group to appreciate the motorists who follow the traffic rules in the region.

In association with the NGO, the traffic police will be handing out ‘Thank You’ notes to motorists who abide by the traffic laws and rules. An idea of the Thank You India Group, they believe that while it is important to fine traffic offenders, it is equally important to appreciate the motorists who obey these traffic rules.


The initiative, which began about six months ago, saw traffic policemen handing out a ‘Thank You’ card along with a rose in order to acknowledge the motorists who follow the rules. Now, the NGO has two dedicated photographers apart from the 70 volunteers across the city who take photographs of motorists as they obey rules such as wearing a seat-belt or a helmet. This photo, along with the thank you note is then sent to the postal address of the owner using the registration number seen on the vehicle.

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This move not only motivates the owner to follow the rules themselves, but also the people in and around their social circle. The news comes ahead of the annual Road Safety Week, an initiative that is held every year from January 11 to January 17.

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