Ten Things That You Should Always Keep In Your Car

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Have you thought about what you’d need if your car broke down in an unfamiliar territory? Or if you were stranded somewhere alone? Here’s a list of 10 things you must have in your car including your car insurance. Yes, you heard it right. Car insurance is an important item with other things.

1. Four-way lug wrench

The usual lug wrench that comes with the car kit is small and tedious to use and you should consider carrying a bigger one instead which is easier to use. A cross-shaped, four-way lug wrench will boost the amount of torque you can apply to lug nuts. Size options also come handy and you can help fellow travellers in need as well.

2. Food

Storing some food that won’t turn bad in heat would be a wise decision. In case you get stuck somewhere, you’ll not die of hunger at least. You won’t believe how useful it can be to store some food in your car.

3. First aid kit

It is essential always to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle. While some automobile manufacturers have started sending one out with the cars, not all cars come with a first aid kit pre-installed. Keep a first aid kit in the trunk of your vehicle for an emergency situation.

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4. Siphon pump

If you run out of fuel and have to ask for help from a fellow traveller, a siphon pump would be great to help splash some fuel from their car and eliminate the need to hike to a fuel station. A siphon pump is affordable, compact and easily available. You should always keep one handy as you never know when you might need help or when you might need to help a fellow stranded traveller.

5. Reflective triangles

Spend some money and get some LED-clad safety reflective triangles that are bright enough. If your car breaks down, these will come handy to direct other vehicles that are passing by. These are a better option than flares that die out easily.

6. Cash

Having some cash lying around in the car permanently is essential. Money rules everything in the world, and you never know with ATMs these days. Putting aside some cash could save you from trouble in emergency situations. You could get stuck in an area where nobody accepts cards and having a bit of cash lying around can be a lifesaver.

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7. Jumper cables

It’d seem obvious to keep jumper cables with you, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t own a set of jumper cables. You should buy a set that’s 6-8 feet in length and has a good warranty.

8. Magnetic flashlight

Even though most people have flashlights on their smartphones these days, you shouldn’t rely on them for emergency situations and it’d be wise to invest in a magnetic flashlight. These lamps are cheap, bright, prevent your phone’s battery from draining which, in turn, helps you call for assistance.

9. Battery pack/cell phone charger

If your car breaks down and is out of power, your phone charger isn’t going to charge your smartphone and that’s why it is a good idea to invest in an external portable battery or a power bank that you always keep in your car, charged up and ready for unforeseen circumstances. Having a charged phone can be the difference between getting out of a messy situation and remaining stuck in a shitty situation forever, hence, you should always have a power backup for your smartphone in your car.

car insurance

10. Car insurance

With the number of road accidents and incidents happening with cars it is always safe to carry your vehicle insurance. There are benefits of car insurance being carried all the time in your vehicle so that it helps you claim from anywhere when in need.  Motor insurance companies in India insist that you carry your insurance for routine check-ups on the road by police and other officials.

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