Tech Talks with Motoroids: Slipper and Assist Clutch Explained

Slipper and Assist Clutch Explained - How it Works, and What's its Use. Here's the video from Tech Talks With Motoroids which explains the difference between and the functions of Slipper and Assist Clutch.

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While we try and reply to most of the queries that are asked to us by our followers, it becomes impossible to answer to thousands of questions that land in our inbox, or in the comments section of our social handles. So, in an attempt to educate our followers and address all the queries that are directed to us, we’ve started a new series called Tech Talks with Motoroids. In this series, we will try to answer the technical queries related to cars and motorcycles.

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There have been several queries from the readers of Motoroids’, asking us about the difference between a Slipper Clutch and an Assist Clutch. In the series opener, we explain how Slipper Clutch and Assist Clutch work, and why modern motorcycles need them. Check out the first video from the Tech Talks with Motoroids series below:

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