TaxiforSure to offer Tata Nano cabs at less than auto fares

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TaxiForSure Nano Bengaluru (1)

When was the last time you cursed that rickety auto-rickshaw that labored its way about its business and cracking up your back at the same time? You might have done that today already. But if you live in Bengaluru, the land of accursed auto-wallahs, there’s some respite, as commuters now get the option to be ferried around in Tata Nano taxis and pay lower fares than regular auto rickshaws!

TaxiForSure, an organised cab service provider has introduced a Tata Nano taxi option in the city of Bengaluru costing Rs. 25 for the first 2 kms and Rs. 10/km thereafter. To put things in perspective, the auto-rickshaws in Bengaluru charge Rs 25 for first 1.9 kms and then Rs 13/km thereafter. Also, being a 24 hour service, fares for TaxiForSure remain the same overnight as well.

TaxiForSure Nano Bengaluru (2)

Co-founders of TaxiForSure, Ragunandan G (L), Aprameya Radhakrishna (R) & COO Arvind Singhal (centre) flagging off the fleet

Initially, TaxiForSure will put 100 Nanos into service, all of them leased, and as things take off, operations will grow into other cities as well. The Nano service will be available exclusively on the TaxiForSure app and mobile site in the ‘Pick Now’ option, which makes a cab available in minutes.


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