Tata to rechristen Indigo Manza as Manza Elan

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Tata Motors are planning to give their Indigo Manza some nip and tuck, remove the Indigo nametag, and rename it as Manza Elan. I have seen Tata’s intent to get rid of the Indica and Indigo brand names from their new Vista and Manza platforms. When I was doing a video review for the new Indica Vista 90, I was specifically told to try and not use the word ‘Indica’ and call the new car only Vista 90. The renaming of the Indigo Manza to Manza Elan seems like another step in the direction.

Apart from the changes made to the exterior of the car, the Manza Elan will feature changes to the interior of the car as well. No changes are expected to made to the engine and other mechanicals though. The Manza Elan will continue to be powered by the 90PS 1.4-litre FIRE engine and the 1.3 litre diesel that powers the Fiat Linea as well.

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  • Nalin Bakshi says:

    Hey Rash!

    I want a review of Linea T vs Honda.

    I know you guys must have that in mind already 🙂

    If you guys are planning, then can it be more about which is better to race with 😀

    I like the linea but its low on power, city on the otherside is better to drive at higher speeds.

    If you are short on Drivers then I can come 😀