Tata offers 4years / 60,000 km warranty on Nano to boost sales

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The disappointing sales nos. registered by the Nano for the Month of Novembe seem to have sent shivers down the spine of Tata Motors management. Much is at stake as the Nano project is one of the most important parts of Tata’s growth plans in the passenger car segment. Alerted by the extremely low nos. for the month of November, Tata Motors are now offering a 4 year / 60000km warranty on the Nano.
In order to make sure that the existing owners of the car don’t feel left out, the company has extended the warranty to the existing customers as well. Now this is a really lucrative scheme which would make the prospective buyers think thrice before going for any other car. A four year warranty for a small car is unprecedented in the India car industry as far as our knowledge and memory goes.
Apart from the warranty, Tata Motors are also offering a comprehensive maintenance contract to allay all the maintenance related anxieties of the first time car buyers. The contract comes at a measly 99 rupees per month and helps the new customers maintain their car economically.
Apart from the newly offered warranty and the additional safety features offered, Tata Motors is also working on the grass root level to encourage people to buy the car. The company has tied up with cooperative banks and other financial institutions to provide upto 90 percent finance at very low interest rates and easy instalments. We hope the new ploy works in favour of Tata Motors and pushes up the sales of the new car.
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