Tata Motors warns customers about fraudulent practices under company’s name

Tata Motors issues a media release warning the audience about fraudulent practices under the company's name.

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Issues of fraudulent promotional offers and advertisements have been doing the rounds around Tata Motors with fraudsters, through emails/ sms / unscrupulous newspaper/ television advertisements, promising prizes such as a Tata Motors’ vehicle against caution money deposits.

To inform potential customers and the general public about such fraudulent promotional offers and advertisements, Tata Motors issued a media release to spread caution that a person or group of persons have been wrongfully extracting/ demanding cash deposit(s) in certain specified bank(s) from general public. These individuals are also wrongfully using Tata Motor’s registered trademark to lure public into this trap.

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Tata Motors states that these communications are purely made with the intent to defraud the general public and that the company has not authorized any person to require any payment /cash deposit to be made.

The company advised that individuals to exercise caution and not fall prey to any such fraudulent promotional offers purported/claimed to be sent on behalf of Tata Motors. A police complaint has already lodged and the company has urged the public not to be misled by any such communication which solicits payment or otherwise as part of any promotional scheme.

The company warns that the common modus operandi followed by these fraudsters is to ask prospective buyers / customers to make certain payments towards availing the prizes or a lucky draw. There was also an advertisement released inviting viewers to identify certain filmstars and upon responding they were encouraged to deposit amounts towards registration and transfer of a vehicle and thereafter directed to a Tata Motors facility to collect the vehicle.

Further, Tata Motors’ Intellectual Property Rights have been misused by the unauthorized use of the Company’s name- Tata Motors Ltd., and use of protected names of its vehicles, namely- ‘Tata Safari’, whilst making such unscrupulous newspaper advertisements to lure innocent members of the public to fall into this trap.

Tata Motors urges the public to file a complaint with the local police authorities the moment any caution money was sought from them either for winning a prize or lucky draw.

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