Tata may get Jaguar Land Rover technology

Tata to borrow Jaguar Land Rover technology to expand beyond commercial vehicles in Australia. Checkout all the details here.

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We believe that Tata’s alarm clock has finally rung as the Indian car maker, who bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford in 2008, is finally going to use the technology of the British car maker into its own vehicles.

Australian automotive website, Drive, reports that Tata Motors’ passenger cars and SUVs would be backed up by Jaguar and Land Rover in the Australian market. Darren Bowler, managing Director of Tata’s Australian distributor, Fusion Automotive, said that the two groups would collaborate on a number of future models and technologies. However, he stressed that there would be no official badge that these new vehicles would get as Tata is keen to protect Jaguar and Land Rover’s exclusivity.

Bowler said, “You’re going to see in the future a lot of sharing of technologies and platforms over time, but you won’t see a JLR with a Tata badge on it or a Tata with a Jaguar badge on it or a Land Rover badge on it.”


RT Wasan, Tata Motors’ head of international business for commercial vehicles confirmed the brand’s intention to expand beyond commercial vehicles in Australia to try and establish Tata as a player in the passenger car market.

Adding his thoughts Wasan said, “We would want to extend the range of products we offer in the Australian market. Australia is certainly one of the leading markets in terms of what we offer, in terms of competitiveness, consumer insight into products. We are working not just on the commercial vehicles but also the passenger vehicles and you will see that over a period of time we will be bringing those products.”

We hope that Tata Motors give us a taste of British engineering and design through its relatively low priced cars. Do you agree? Share your comments below.

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Source: Drive

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