Tata Indica Vista EV In UK

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Tata Motors is taking the international market by storm let it be the Tata Pixel, the bi-colour Tata Vista for Italy, the LHD Tata Aria testing for exports or the Indica eV2 ready to be exported. Tata is leaving no stone unturned to capture the international market aggressively,  now Tata is ready to launch the electric version of Indica Vista in UK. Tata has acquired an electric vehicle manufacturing center in Coventry, which is capable of building 1,500 electric vehicles every year.

The car is targeted towards business and fleet users. Vista EV is expected to cost around 14.33 lakh which includes the 3.5 lakh subsidy the government has provided on electric cars. The R&D of the Vista EV is done at Tata Motors UK subsidiary, Tata Motors European Technical Center Plc (TMETC).

With a top speed of 114 km per hour, lively acceleration and a range of 160 km, this four-seater family hatchback, with ample luggage space, is a testament to the efficiency of the EV drive-train packaging. The lithium-ion batteries in the car are produced by Miljobil Innovasion, a subsidiary of TMETC based in Norway. Tata Motors said in a statement

Sadly this car will not the Indian shore as the Indian Government’s new policy over hybrid and electric cars which promises to lower the cost but does not make the manufactures any happy.

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