Tata Indica eV2 launched at Rs 3.95 lakh: All the details

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We Told you about Tata Motors planning to launch a new version of the Indica a few weeks back. We also brought to you the pictures and details of the car before its launch. Tata Motors have now officially launched the car. Christened the Indica eV2, the new Indica packs in  loads of features and boasts of housing India’s most fuel efficient engine under its bonnet. With an ARAi certified fuel efficiency of 25kml, the Indica eV2 has indeed written a new chapter in fuel economy.

The all new common rail diesel engine of the Indica witnesses a 32% increase in power and 46% increase in fuel efficiency over the earlier mill. The car also gets redesigned interiors and a host of new features. The Indica eV2 is also available with an MPFI petrol engine.Both petrol and diesel engines are BS4 compliant.

The new CR4 CR4 Common Rail Diesel engine with displacement of 1396 cc delivers peak power of 70 PS @ 4000 rpm and peak torque of 140 NM at a lowly 1800-3000 rpm. The company has also altered the gear ratio and reduced the weight of the car by around 10kg for better fuel efficiency and acceleration.

According to Tata Motors, the high fuel efficiency in the new CR4 engine has been achieved via following three technologies

1) SMART EMS (Engine Management System) CHIP that involves perfectly calibrating every minute engine component to optimize functionality – Right from valve timing to compression ratios to pressure volume ratios, it flawlessly synchronizes every engine function to deliver this mileage.

2) MAXIMUM CHARGE COMBUSTION – An innovatively designed engine block and piston assembly that ensures effective intake and circulation of charge (mixture of air and fuel), thereby almost preventing friction between parts. The result is max combustion of charge, increased efficiency and power.

3) DRAG REDUCTION – Redesigned wheel arches and subtle alterations on the exterior combined with a lighter shell and engine have collectively contributed to making the car more aerodynamic, reducing the drag coefficient.

Apart from its new engine, the Indica eV2 is home to several new and innovative features. First is the ‘Auto Drive Assist’ which prevents the driver from stalling the car even while releasing the clutch accidently on steep inclines. Several times, while climbing up steep inclines we have to modulate the clutch and the accelerator with such finesse at slow speeds that the engine stalls. This won’t happen with the new Indica though, and you could be sure that you won’t ruin your car’s rump and the front bumper of the car behind while ascending steep inclines at slow speeds.

Another innovative feature is to prevent re-cranking while the engine is still on. Modern engine are so silent and smooth that we sometimes don’t realize that the engine is running and twist the ignition key accidently. The eV2 will require you to have the clutch fully engaged if the engine has to be cranked up, eliminating the chances of re-cranking a running engine.

The eV2 also comes with new 14 inch alloy wheels, a tachometer as standard and 60:40 split rear seats. The music system is Bluetooth compatible along with USB and Aux-in jacks. The interiors of the new Tata Indica eV2 are in elegant shadow beige colour. The top trim sports a wooden finish centre console and host of other features like power windows, keyless entry, Bluetooth enabled  music system and USB port, 4 spoke collapsible steering wheel, tachometer, rear parcel shelf, 60:40 rear seating, front and rear fog lamps.

The exterior styling gets enhanced by sporty alloy wheels, attractive decals, a new tail light cluster and rar bumper. The Tata Indica eV2 range is available in four colours- Apple Green, Neo Orange, Arctic Silver and Mint White.

The car comes with a warranty of 24 months or 75000 km whichever is earlier.

The Tata Indica eV2 is in the range of Rs. 3.95 lakhs and Rs. 4.77 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi for the CR4 diesel engine and in the range of Rs. 2.95 lakhs and Rs. 3.58 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, for the MPFI petrol.

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