Tata Altroz iTurbo Vs Hyundai i20 Turbo Petrol: Specs Comparison

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The electric car wave is swelling by the day and if one follows the car scene closely, it’s easy to sense that ICE-powered cars are heading towards extinction. It’s as if these cars are breathing their last, which explains why most of them these days require a turbocharger to help their shrinking lungs breathe better. In the mass-market, premium hatchback space, a new entrant in the form of the Tata Alroz turbo petrol has arrived today and it’s a good idea to understand how it fares against its primary rival, the new Hyundai i20 turbo petrol.

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What about the Volkswagen Polo TSI you ask? If you’re after driving pleasure as your primary need, look no further. But if the practicality of something which seats four in proper comfort, and is also powerful, is important, and it must be a petrol-powered hatchback, the Tata and the Hyundai are your best bet. Let’s take a look at how the two fare in terms of power and all that:

Tata Altroz Turbo PetrolHyundai i20 Turbo Petrol
Engine Capacity1199cc, 3-cylinder998cc, 3-cylinder
Power110PS @ 5,500 rpm120PS @ 6,000 rpm
Torque140Nm @ 1,500-5500 rpm175Nm @ 1,500-4000 rpm
Gearbox5-Speed Manual7-speed DCT or iMT
Weight (Kerb)1077 kgNA
Tyres195/55 R16 (165/80 R14 on XT)196/55 R16
Fuel Capacity37 litres37 litres
Fuel Efficiency (ARAI)18.13 kmpl20 kmpl (iMT) 20.8 kmpl (DCT)

The Altroz turbo petrol is down on power and torque, compared to the i20. Also, there’s only a 5-speed manual on offer while the i20 offers a proper dual-clutch transmission or clutch pedal-free manual transmission. However, the Altroz with its 5-speed manual will offer more engagement for the driver and a back-to-back test will decide which one appeals to the one in command most. Both engines are three potters though and if you want refinement with your excitement, only Maruti and Honda equip their hatchbacks with a creamy and free-spinning 1.2-litre engine. Not in the same zip code but there’s an updated Swift on its way next month and it’s said to be getting a more powerful tune of the 1.2-litre engine.

Tata Altroz turbo petrol vs hyundai i20 turbo petrol (2)

In terms of features, the Altroz iTurbo is also a connected car, although it hasn’t got a touchscreen which offers as much real estate as the one fitted inside the i20. But the Altroz’s Harman system now gets two more tweeters to stand up to the Bose system inside the i20. Between the two, if you ask us, the Altroz gets our vote when it comes to appearance while the i20 simply cannot be beaten when it comes to features, cabin quality and the amount of engines and gearboxes which are on offer. But these choices come at a price which has made the i20 pretty expensive.

Tata Motors is yet to reveal prices of the Altroz turbo but we’re pretty certain that variant-for-variant, the Altroz iTurbo will present itself as a car which offers more value for less. For a premium hatchback though, it’s surprising that there’s no automatic on offer with the Altroz. If you’re wondering, the new i20’s top-spec DCT-equipped version asks for INR 11.32 lakh and that’s just the ex-showroom price. On the other hand, the entry-level turbo petrol i20 asks for INR 8.79 lakh

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