Tata acquires the No.2 spot in the industry!

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Tata has a big reason to celebrate. Earlier this year JLR recorded better sales(and profits too) and now Tata Motors has managed to outrun other players in the domestic market to become the no.2 car maker in the country.
Thanks to the 7,704 units of Nano and 7,502 units of Indigo which were sold in June, Tata has managed to sell 27,811 cars in June itself, overtaking Hyundai’s 27,366 units.
According to BS Motoring’s report, Tata’s sales went up by 63.9% as compared to the sales of June last year.
A Tata Motors’ spokesperson said: “Going forward, our expectation would be to maintain the No 2 position in the industry.”
Hyundai on the other hand said that as they(Hyundai) make cars only, unlike Tata which makes other vehicles including SUVs too, the comparision should be done on the basis of car sales where Hyundai still claims to have excelled and taken the position which Tata aims at, that is the No.2 position in the industry.
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