Swiggy Joins Hands With Reliance; Aims To Cover 8 Lakh Kilometres Per Day Using EVs By 2025

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The EV sector is booming in India and we all are aware of this fact. Moreover, companies who deliver food are opting for electric bikes or scooters by replacing their petrol-powered delivery vehicles. Recently, Domino’s, one of India’s most popular fast-food chains, announced that it will replace its petrol-powered bikes with Revolt’s RV300. And now, Swiggy has announced something similar. It has started adding electric vehicles (EVs) to its delivery fleet. The company recently announced the commencement of trials, intending to cover deliveries spanning 8,00,000 km per day through EVs by 2025.

Swiggy & Reliance BP Mobility Limited Partnership

Swiggy has signed an agreement with Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) to build an EV ecosystem and battery-swapping stations for its delivery partners across the country. The company has also partnered with e-cycle maker Hero Lectro and UK-based Fast Despatch Logistics for end-to-end delivery of Swiggy orders through cargo e-cycles. The company expects the use of EVs to lower running costs by up to 40%.

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How will this work?

RBML will set up Jio-bp battery swapping stations at various locations assisted by Swiggy and provide all required technical assistance and training to Swiggy delivery partners. A single pre-charged battery is said to offer a range of 65-80 km. This will be the largest network of battery swapping stations across the country. With high-performance batteries resulting in superior on-road range and with swapping taking just a couple of minutes, battery swapping has become an ideal solution for two and three-wheelers, especially those plying in the last-mile delivery segment.

Official Statements

“RBML is setting up a robust and sustainable infrastructure comprising of EV charging hubs and battery swapping stations offering digitally enabled services to all stakeholders. Our collaboration with Swiggy has the potential to bring disruption and increase EV adoption among delivery and transportation companies in the country,” said Harish C. Mehta, Chief Executive Officer – Reliance BP Mobility Limited.

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“Swiggy’s fleet delivers millions of orders each month with our partners traveling an average of 80- 100kms daily. As we continue to work towards providing our consumers with greater convenience, we are also mindful of the environmental impact of our operations and are taking the necessary steps to make our journey more sustainable. Transitioning to EVs is an important step in this direction. It will have a positive impact not only on the environment but also empower our delivery partners to earn more,” said Sriharsha Majety, chief executive officer – Swiggy.

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The trails are currently running in Bangalore, New Delhi, and Hyderabad. Slowly with the ease in the process, they will soon be in all the major and hopefully in all the cities. This will be a huge contributor to the EV promotion because Swiggy has one of the largest deliveries fleets which has all petrol-powered two-wheelers.

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