Suzuki iM-4 compact crossover revealed in patent filings; will it come to India?

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Suzuki iM-4 compact crossover (1)

The Suzuki iM-4 Concept (gallery below) was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this March, previewing a compact crossover.  It debuted alongside the iK-2 Concept, which went on the become the new Baleno hatchback, due in India soon. Now, new patent filings reveal the showroom ready iM-4 which is destined for production.

Based on an all-new platform, the iM-4 Concept had an overall length of 3,693 mm, meaning that its production version can effortlessly slip inside the Indian sub-4 meter arena. Overall width and height stood at 1,709 mm and 1,566 mm respectively, while the wheelbase measured 2,438 mm, although the numbers are bound to be rejigged a tad for production.

Suzuki iM-4 compact crossover (2)

Details from the concept, like the gashes on the C-pillar won’t make it to the production version, and so won’t the beefy 215/45R18 tires. The chunky styling, flared wheel arches and the deftly chrome trimmed front fascia will be retained, with mild alterations to the glasshouse and overhangs. The rear bumper gets a large black insert running across it, while the rear spoiler from the concept doesn’t make it to production.

The iM-4 Concept was powered by a 1.2 litre DualJet petrol engine that is mated to an integrated starter generator (ISG) with a lithium-ion battery that sends power through an all-wheel drive system; expect the production version to continue with a similar setup. Whether or not, the iM-4 will come to India is still debatable; we have to wait and watch.


Suzuki iM-4 (3)
Suzuki iM-4 (2)
Suzuki iM-4 (1)
Suzuki iM-4 compact crossover (2)
Suzuki iM-4 compact crossover (1)
suzuki-im-4-concept (6)
suzuki-im-4-concept (5)
suzuki-im-4-concept (4)
suzuki-im-4-concept (3)
suzuki-im-4-concept (2)
suzuki-im-4-concept (1)

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