Spruce Up Your Yamaha FZ-X With These Optional Extras

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Yamaha recently made the headlines by officially launching the FZ-X in India. Say what you may about the motorcycle, but you cannot rob it of its uniqueness. Sure, the XSR 155 looks better but the FZ-X does bring a breath of fresh air in the segment and should pave way for more neo-retro styled motorcycles in the lower end of the spectrum. But if you think that your FZ-X could do with more bling, Yamaha has now revealed the prices of all the optional extras that would be available for the motorcycle via the dealerships. Here’s the complete list of optional extras that are available for the new Yamaha FZ-X.

Tank pad: INR 400

Not only will it enhance the retro appeal of your motorcycle, but it will also add to the functionality. Apart from protecting the paint on the fuel tank, it also aims to further enhance the grip. Rather than opting for aftermarket solutions, we suggest that you stick to this OEM tank pad only because Yamaha assures us the adhesive will not affect the paint if you choose to remove it later.

Yamaha FZ X accessories (3)

LED blinkers: INR 1,490

Yamaha has equipped the FZ-X with LED lighting all around, except the blinkers. Yamaha decided to stick the conventional halogen setup for the indicators.

Yamaha FZ X accessories (4)

The optional LED indicators might not seem like a significant upgrade but it does work wonders when it comes to the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. Also, we can expect them to be more visible and last longer than the stock indicators.

Seat cover: INR 300

The FZ-X, even in its stock form, comes with an impressive seat. At least the pictures reveal that the stock seat is ribbed and should provide optimum cushioning.

Yamaha FZ X accessories (2)

The seat cover builds on these factors and also accentuates the retro appeal of the motorcycle. Moreover, Yamaha assures us that it is a water-resistant and dustproof seat cover.

Chrome mirrors: INR 400

Nothing screams retro louder than the splattering of Chrome here and there. The FZ-X, being a neo-retro offering, could have done with some chrome garnishing. Good for us, at least Yamaha is offering chrome mirrors as an optional extra. They also appear to be slightly larger than the stock mirrors.

Yamaha FZ X accessories (1)

Engine guard: INR 800

The engine guard aims to avoid damage to the vehicle in case of a minor crash. It also protects the leg from being trapped under the motorcycle.

Yamaha FZ X accessories

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