Spied: Bajaj Pulsar 180 NS with triple spark and liquid cooling

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Bajaj Pulsar 180 NS

Seems like Bajaj Auto is preparing the Pulsar 180 NS with triple spark and liquid cooling. The company has a whole army of product launches lined up for the latter part of FY 2013-14. Earlier during the day we updated you in detail about the Discover 100M launch and now we have stumbled upon these spy images, which may very well be that of the new Pulsar 180 NS. The test mule was spotted near Bajaj Auto’s plant in Akurdi, Pune.

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Now, the test mule in question doesn’t exactly have the Pulsar 180 branding on it, but there is good reason why Bajaj may be preparing the smaller engined version of the 200NS. To start with, the KTM 200 Duke is clearly a more desirable product when compared with the 200NS. Even with price differential between the 200NS and the 200 Duke, the NS hasnt quite been setting the sales charts on fire. Introducing an NS version of the 180, with an aggressive price tag, would be a great incentive for those fishing into the Rs 70k market, and looking for something loaded with tech.

Secondly, we cannot quite think of a reason why Bajaj would want to test the 200NS under camouflage. There is a tiny possibility that they are testing an FI version, but as per our discussion with the Bajaj boffins at the 200NS launch, they weren’t quite interested in equipping the tech onto the NS.

A product positioned in the 180cc segment would do the Pulsar sales wonders. The sales of the 200NS haven’t quite been as encouraging as initially anticipated.  From the image, it’s quite evident that the new Pulsar 180 (if it actually is that model) will be borrowing styling cues and technology from its elder 200NS sibling.

One can comfortably assume that the new gen Pulsar 180 will features technologies such as liquid cooling, triple spark ignition and four valves from the 200 NS. In addition, the bike will also get the chassis, monoshock suspension, and the six speed transmission from the NS. Expect the instrument console, and a variety of other plastic bits to trickle down to the 180NS as well.

Source: team-bhp

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  • amit says:

    Dear Satadal. People who you worked with earlier suggested that the NS wasnt quite doing as well as expected during a meeting.
    Ps: Still awaiting the saddlebag though.

  • Varun says:

    iam also with veeru as it could indeed be a p160 NS as it could work out as the the best of both worlds type and also could keep the old 150 as a unicorn type commuter, serving the lower end of the spectrum as many people (40-50 age group)are still interested in conservative styled old models similar to unicorn and p150 rather than outrightly sporty models which serve the upper spectrum of the segment and if needed BAL can kill off p180.

  • Gladinus says:

    Am sure it is p 150 with all goodies couse they r loosing there market share to compitators ‘HONDA’ they should be getting this as the same will be more imp product for volume segment.

  • Suth Kolu says:

    Wish its the new high tech 150 and not some stupid 180 or 190 or 195!! what non sense..

  • Suth Kolu says:

    Wish its the new high tech 150 and not some stupid 180 or 190 or 195!! what non sense..