Special Edition Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 to mark end of production

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 Special Edition

They may not add merit points on the environment chart, but a two stroke engine has its own charm and set of followers. No wonder bikes like the RX100, Shogun and the RD350 are still considered as legendary even after they ceased production years ago.

2014 brings an end of an era for another motorcycle- the Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 aka the Ninja KRR 150. The same motorcycle was at the centre of rumours of being considered for the Indian market to take on the likes of the higher displaced Honda CBR250R. The present news puts an end to all speculations around the motorcycle and its probable India launch. The Japanese manufacturer has come out with a special edition Special Edition Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 which would mark the end of production for the two stroking Ninjette.

The ZX150 is no less than a power house with its 148cc engine whacking out 30 ps of power at a screaming 10,500 rpm with torque figures rated at 21.6 nm @ 9000 rpm in a bike that weighs just 124.5 kgs dry…beastly figures those! The Special Edition Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 would be treated to a unique white livery with bronze shaded alloy wheels as in the case of the 2012 SE model. Production of the ZX150 special edition is planned for July 2014 and though the numbers haven’t been decided, it should mark curtains for the ZX150.

Kawasaki Ninja 250SL

The 4 stroking single pod Kawasaki Ninja 250SL would claim the successor’s title for the ZX150. Though the output figures of 27.5 bhp of the 250SL would be close to the ZX150- we feel the addictive punch of the 2 stroker would be hard to replicate.

Bye bye ZX150!

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