Special Discounts on Older Car Models

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As companies line up their numerous new models and facelifts for launch, the older models of the vehicles are being offered with special discount offers. We bring you a list of all the cars that are now available with heavy discounts.

Special Discounts on Older Car Models

When any new company unveils a brand new model or a facelift, it generally gives an inkling of when the vehicle will be available in the market. Along with the launch of the new vehicle, the company ceases the production of the older model. The stockpile of the older model has to be cleared quickly, else it would be difficult to clear inventory due to demand for the newer model.

Hence, companies generally offer special discounts on the older vehicular models to ensure that it gets sold out quickly. We have a similar situation in the Indian market currently, as companies are offering runaway discounts on numerous models.


The Maruti-Suzuki SX4 has never really been a scorcher seller. As the new Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz is on its way, the company is offering huge discounts to see off a slow seller. Maruti-Suzuki is offering cash discount of upto INR 50,000/-. In addition, there is an exchange benefit of INR 35,000/-, and an excise benefit of INR 32,000/-. So, one gets a total benefit of about 1.17 lakhs!


This is another slouchy seller from another complacent Indian manufacturer. Even though it has been there in the market for a long, long time, lack of features and value additions have turned it into an unappealing buy within the last few years.

Special Discounts on Old Models

Meanwhile, Tata has developed a new generation of cars. The new generation of cars will be launched very soon. To do away with the current generation of Vista, Tata is offering free insurance for first three years on the car. The value of this insurance benefit can be upto INR 52,000/-, and there is also an exchange bonus of INR 30,000/-.

All this adds up to about INR 80,000/- !!


Special Discounts on Old Models

The 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift will be launched on July 15. The production of the current model has been ceased, and stockpiles of the old Polo need to be cleared up. Volkswagen is offering an exchange benefit of INR 20,000/- on the Volkswagen Polo. In addition, dealerships are offering cash discounts of upto INR 55,000/-. This is a substantial saving of about INR 75,000/-.

4. HYUNDAI i20 :

Special Discounts on Old ModelsThe Hyundai i20 has been a really popular offering. Totally in sync with the Uber Cool image painted by the company, the i20 has been going strong for a long period of time. However, the South Korean company is bringing in an all new generation of the i20 very soon.

Hyundai is offering a cash discount of INR 20,000/-, and an excise discount of INR 27,000/-. There is also an exchange benefit of INR 20,000/-. This is a healthy benefit of INR 67,000/-.

If you plan on buying a car soon, rush to the dealerships soon to avail these special discounts.

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