Some Seriously Desirable SUVs We Wish Were Available In India

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SUVs have been the golden eggs of car manufacturers in our market. Not only in India, but worldwide too, there has been a constant rise in the demand for these high ground clearance vehicles. Be it the high seating position, the respect you get on the road, or even the sheer presence, SUVs are the most popular vehicles out there today. However, due to a plethora of reasons, many of these seriously desirable SUVs are still not on sale in the Indian market. Here is a list of some of those which we wish do make it here some day.

SUVs Not on sale in India

Suzuki Jimny

How could we not start our list with this iconic vehicle? The 4th generation Jimny would be the perfect successor to the beloved Suzuki Gypsy, which is soon going to be discontinued. While our market has already missed out on the first and third generation of the car, it seems that the fourth generation car will be a miss as well. A utilitarian vehicle, the Jimny would be a perfect fit in our market space and will offer the Mahindra Thar some great competition. Are you listening Suzuki? Bring it here already!

2018 suzuki jimny blue


Nissan Patrol

A flagship and a very capable SUV from Nissan, the Patrol is a very popular car in the middle east. Often seen on its two wheels in many YouTube videos, the Nissan Patrol is currently in its 6th generation of production. If launched, this car will fill a void that exists in the premium SUV segment which currently is dominated by the German and English players. Given the popularity of the SUV, the Patrol may also help Nissan build up a brand image in our country, boosting the sales of their other models.

Nissan Patrol off road (11)

Tesla Model X

The flagship Tesla model, the Model X shows how important is the utility part of a Sport Utility Vehicle. Probably one of the most technologically advanced cars in the market right now, the Model X can carry up to 7 people in comfort and without polluting the environment. Also capable of driving itself and filled with a host of quirky features, the Model X is more of a gadget than an SUV. While our government still figures out how to provide infrastructure for electric cars in our country, the Model X is a far cry away from making its way to our market.

Tesla model X front low in booth

Cadillac Escalade

The Escalade, or as Cadillac calls it – the original icon of arrival is probably one of the most aggressive SUVs on sale as of now. This vehicle can be described in two words – huge and dominant. As wide as our lanes and as spacious as a two bhk apartment in Mumbai, the Escalade would be a perfect fit in our country. Imagine how much fun would it be to drive this down on our roads, with people moving immediately out of your way because of its sheer size? Unfortunately, we probably will never see this vehicle go on sale in our country.

Cadillac Escalade_2015_pics_specs_details_3

Ford Raptor

Who would have thought of extracting sports car performance out of an off-road ready pick up truck? Some crazy guy at Ford did come up with that idea which turned out to be rather successful. Since 2010, the Raptor has been a hit and now in its latest generation of production, still continues to win hearts. Given that pickup trucks have never been popular in our country and moving this vehicle on our roads would be a huge problem, it is very unlikely that Ford will bring this model to our country.

2017 Ford F150 Raptor (1)

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However, just because the company does not sell these here that has not stopped many enthusiasts from importing them to our country. It is very expensive to do so and one also misses out on the aftersales support that is required to keep such complex SUVs running. It would surely be nice to see some, if not all of these go on sale in India some day. But as they say, if only wishes were horses.

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