So Bizarre! Man Penalised by a Traffic Cop for Overspeeding on a Bicycle in Kerala!


As far as I can recollect, my RTO never informed me that I cannot pedal a bicycle without a license but apparently a new law in the state of Kerala requires you to have a license to use a cycle. Yes, we are shocked too. In an incident which occurred on Wednesday, Kasim, a UP resident, was fined for speeding his bicycle. Hats off to such wonderful cops who work so hard, stopping these hooligans who pedal the bicycles so fast and pose a threat to not only themselves but other road users as well[saracsm intended].

Kasim fined for speeding cycle

Kasim works in the Kasaragod district of Gods own Country, Kerela and earns a daily wage of about four hundred bucks. The cops stopped Kasim and demanded two thousand Rupees as a fine for riding the bicycle without a license and was overspeeding as well, one shock after another. When Kasim said he did not have the money, he was given a challan of INR 500 and a receipt. The receipt even had a registration number on it which turns out to be that of a scooter registered to a lady. Kasim also claimed that the cops flattened the tyres of his cycle. 

Kasim fined for speeding Challan

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What faith do we have on our law protecting agencies when every now and then we see incidents like these where cops misuse their rights, target un-informed people and have their own way with them. After this incident gained traction on social media, the concerned district police station initiated a probe. The probe has held the concerned Senior Inspector guilty, according to local media reports and will face action soon. What are your thoughts on this incident? Do share your thoughts in the comments below and do watch the video linked below where Kasim tells us about the incident.

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