‘Smoking Hot’ Desvall Bugatti Shisha: Yours for Rs 60 lakh!

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The Bugatti Veyron smokes everything else on the road in its wake. However, it seems like the supercar brand is keen on smoking a few more things – your lungs for instance. The Veyron makers have decided to go on and create a smoke machine which leaves every other Sheesha or Hukka out there look pedestrian.

Bugatti have teamed up with luxury shisha pipe maker Desvall. And what has transpired is this extremely exotic looking, artistic form of what we call the Hukka in our part of the world. The companies envisioned a shisha pipe inspired by state-of-the-art automotive materials and engineering, combined with the iconic Desvall design, craftsmanship and patented technology.

Desvall Vattenpipa1053

The result: Bugatti by Desvall, the ultimate statement for shisha connoisseurs. Stemming from Bugatti’s venerable racing heritage and the pioneering performance of the Bugatti Veyron, the Bugatti by Desvall is the quintessential modern shisha pipe. It is an extension of the exclusive Desvall shisha range but replaces the more traditional materials of glass, steel and crystal with high-tech materials from the automotive industry.

Handmade in Sweden by premier artisans within their respective fields, the 80 cm tall shisha has a pure titanium frame wrapped in a special edition carbon fiber outer casing with hand sewn leather details. The Bugatti by Desvall retails for $100,000 USD (Rs 60 lakh) and will be limited to 150 pieces.

Well, we don’t endorse smoking, but wouldn’t mind having that little thingummy in our office as a showpiece. Worth the money? You let us know!

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