Smoking while driving may result in cancellation of your licence

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Kicking the Habit!

Do you enjoy to pop a cigarette when driving? Well, it’s about to get more injurious than damaging your lungs. Updated set of rules put out by the transport commissioner of Gujarat has listed 19 violations like speed driving, smoking, using phone while driving, driving under the influence of drinks and drugs, parking vehicles haphazardly on the road, driving overloaded vehicles etc. that would invite strict action.

Expressing his views on the updated set of rules, BM Prajapati, regional transport officer said, “It is the traffic department of the city police that actually catches the vehicle owners for flouting motor vehicle rules. If the vehicle owners are caught under any of the 19 listed rules by the transport commissioner then we will take action. First we will serve a notice and then the process of either terminating or suspending the driving licence would be taken up.”

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Rash driving not only is a threat to the life of the occupants of a vehicle but are also of the people near them. Many of these rules were in effect earlier as well. However, with new guidelines and stricter action in place, we feel that drivers would take these rules seriously.

What do you think of these updated set of rules put out by the RTO? Is cancellation of license too harsh? Even with these rules in place, do you think you can get away by bribing the traffic police? Share your thoughts through comments below.

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Source: ET Auto

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  • Dr.Harsha says:

    The above mentioned article really made my day,to start with these rules should be implemented throughout the country and repeat offenders SHOULD be entitled to License Cancellation along with chances of imprisonment following repeated traffic misconduct.My praises and wishes to the Gujarat traffic Commissioner for bringing such regulations FINALLY to our country.And again, these rules should be carried out if our people’s traffic sense is to be improved.I curse upto the high heavens daily when I drive to work.