The Sinnis Retrostar 250 is your low-cost, Chinese scrambler

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Scramblers. Before your mind veers away to the exquisitely built ones wearing Ducati or Triumph badges, this one comes from China, and as the country of origin suggests, it’s a budget one for the masses. This quarter-liter, retro-scrambler, called the Sinnis Retrostar 250 infuses itself with elements from bigger machines, including the Bonneville inspired bulbous, tear drop shaped tank.

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The flat frame supports a basic, ribbed seat, and other cafe-racer/scrambler influences like the simplistic, round headlamp, the analog single gauge with a gear position indicator and the 17″ wire spoke wheels make for an impressive, miniaturized scrambler theme. The solid brake discs and the chromed fender also look cool, but what caught us unawares was the USD front forks, although sans any protectors. Oh! Then there’s the cute little pea-shooter exhaust as well.

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The  Retrostar 250 is powered by an air-cooled 249cc single cylinder engine peaking out at 20.6 hp of power at 7,500 rpm, mated to a manual 5-speed transmission. It even comes with an electric starter. Contrary to initial thoughts, the Retrostar 250 isn’t exactly an el-cheapo product, as things for China usually present themselves to be.

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 The Sinnis Retrostar 250 will be sold in the UK for close to 2 lakh INR. Although that isn’t exactly cheap, an idea on similar lines could very well be implemented by the major players in India, and we’re sure it’ll gauge tremendous response. What do you guys think?

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  • At £2199.00 otr this looks likely to be a very good seller.

    The quality control seems to have been upped from previous Chinese offerings judging by the reviews I have read so far, and before anyone comments that the welds are crap after seeing the top rear suspension frame welding, this is left undressed for strength. MPG is a big issue these days for commuters and the bikes mpg should sell it to anyone who wants to commute with a little bit of retro street style.

    I would like to see some Youtube test drives as these have not been done as yet, I’m sure they wont be long in coming!

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