Shiny Disco Ball On Wheels!


Toyota iQ Disco, the concept model inspired by…err… a Disco ball of course (!) is now ready to party. And by party, we mean, its ready to go on a tour all over in Germany, starting from showrooms in Cologne. The ultra compact car wears a disco- ball- inspired looking foil, is fitted with scissor doors and comes with a set of lightweight 18- inch alloy rims that use a multi- spoke design. And of course, the the iQ Disco features a DJ sound system that uses two Numark NDX 800 player units, a two channel mixer, a 15- inch bass- reflex subwoofer which offers up to 1000 watts and has a peak sound pressure of 130 dB.

Now, you must me wondering, why in the world would Toyota want to murder a absolutely fine looking car into a bling fancy doped-up wagon, meant for someone like the Kardashian sisters. Well, its quite simple. You know how these days manufacturers would do anything, to come up with whackiest of marketing campaigns to grab attention. And this it just that. This is Toyota’s latest publicity stunt, where they are apparently trying to blind people by their giant shiny disco ball on wheel.

Praise the lord, for this ghastly creature is meant purely for demonstration purpose.


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