Scoop pics: next-gen BMW M6 caught

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Some say(no! I am not going to talk about the Stig here) that you have to be unbiased when u become a journalist, which is quite true. And being a BMW fan, its tough for a person like me to resist myself from posting news regarding the brand, even the smallest ones.

I must confess that I have been quite excited about the next-gen 6er and this is my 3rd post related to the same car which means there is a good chance that my editor takes away all the privelleges I have been granted and kick me out. After all I have been repeatedly talking and posting about the same car. But before anything like that happens please go ahead and read the latest news.

BMW has been testing the next gen 6er for a while now but this time its the M version of the car. Thanks to Autoblog again, who managed to capture the next-gen M6 outside the Green Hell. The car should be showcased at the Paris Motor Show and might go on sale in early 2012.

If the current trend continues then the new M6 will get the same engine as the new M5, which will most likely be the upgraded version of the twin-turbo 4.4L V8 doing the duty in X5 M and X6M. Expect the power figure to be close to 550 horses.

Wait for some time to get  more updates on the car(if I don’t get kicked out). Till then feast your eyes on the beauty in the gallery below.

Pics and news-Autoblog

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  • Amit Ahuja says:

    Today is the launch of this car in New Delhi……wishing it a good luck