Scoop! New 2010 Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-V on its way

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Auto Expo did not offer too much to brag about, did it? Especially the Bajaj exhibit, which was a total disappointment for enthusiasts who were expecting some new models or atleast concepts that would provide a foretaste of what Bajaj would offer in the upcoming years. But its time to rejoice for all Pulsar fans as we have some inside news on the new Pulsar 150! The ‘UG-V’, as the new P150 will come to be known amongst the community, is in its final stages of polishing as it gets ready for a launch this month. The bike was speculated to take a lot of design cues from the recently launched Pulsar 135LS which we rode in December. However our sources close to Bajaj confirmed that the bike is will look similar to the current model. We had however speculated that a new bikini fairing and headlight, the floating tail end and the sporty wheel hugger from the P135LS were likely to be carried over to the executive bike. However, we had also mentioned that we won’t be surprised if Bajaj stick to the current styling, considering the P200-esque design was adopted onto the P150 rather recently – and that is exactly what the Bajaj officials have confirmed! The new bike will get clip-on handle bars, but whether they will be borrowed from the P135LS or the P180 is something that remains to be seen.

2010 Bajaj Pulsar 135LS -

The new Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-V will not take any design cues from the Pulsar 135LS

Technically the 150cc DTS-i mill will now dispense 15.06 PS as opposed to the current power output of 14.09 PS. Bajaj’s new found love for carburettors, when the rest of the world is shifting to fuel injection, will be aptly highlighted by the 2010 Pulsar 150. Feeding fuel and air to the upgraded powerplant will be a 29mm carburettor (UCD29). Instead of shifting to a more expensive fuel injection system to achieve the desired emission figures, Bajaj have instead tinkered with the current exhaust system to make it more environmentally friendly. Our sources however confirm that external design of the exhaust muffler will remain similar to that current Pulsar 150. Internally there will be a redesigned intake system specifically designed to take advantage of the new, bigger carburettor. The new changes should see the bike claim new performance figures in its class – and since Bajaj is now stressing on redefining the ‘Pulsar’ as a ‘performance-only’ brand throughout all segments, the drop in mileage (if any) should not be much of a concern to the targeted audience. The new bike is expected to go on sale by the 15th of February at an ex-showroom cost of Rs. 60,020 (Delhi) – which is merely Rs. 500 over the price of the model it will replace. More info as soon as we have it. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the updates!

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