Scoop- Hyundai Considering a Replacement for the Santro

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Hyundai launched the Santro in India in the year 1998, and the car has seen minor updates to the equipment and design in the 15 years of its existence.


                                                                  Kia Ray

According to reports, Hyundai is studying the feasibility of launching the Kia Ray compact hatchback in India. As already known, Kia Motors is Hyundai’s sister company that sells cars in many global markets. The Kia brand is not yet present in India. Currently, the Kia Ray hatchback is sold only in Korea. The Kia Ray, with its tall boy built, can be a perfect replacement for the tall boy Santro. The Kia Ray is available in Korea with a 998cc petrol engine, which has 105 bhp of max power. If Hyundai launches the car in India, it will most likely plonk the 1.2 liter Kappa engine.

Kia cars have been spotted testing in India earlier, which shows that Kia is likely to enter into the Indian market in the near future. Being sister brands, Hyundai and Kia are competitors, and if Hyundai launches the Ray in India under its own badge, Hyundai will have to pay a royalty to Kia upon its India entry. This would increase the car’s price.

Although there is no information on the car, Hyundai will first have to phase out the Santro in India. Do you think the Kia Ray is the perfect replacement for the Hyundai Santro ? Feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comments section below.

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