Schumi may retire in 2010, says Jackie – Ecclestone agrees

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The number of people agreeing to the view of ‘Schumacher shouldn’t have attempted a comeback in F1’ is growing by the day. The latest person to join this list is ex-F1 team owner Eddie Jordan who had welcomed Micheal into the world of F1 racing by giving him his first drive. According to the German F1 legend’s ex-boss, returning to Formula One was a ‘huge personal error’. Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone thinks that the view expressed by Jackie Stewart on Micheal’s future in F1 is likely to come true.

Eddie told ‘Sport Build’ that Micheal’s return was an excellent thing for the discipline but his return to a young man’s sport was a miscalculation. He was quoted by the publication saying that to make a comeback at 41, to pitch yourself against young men whoo are 20 years younger, is simply against the laws of physics and medicine. He further said that Micheal had nothing to gain, except for maybe feeling good but even that may not be possible considering that team-mate Nico Rosberg has beaten him.

Last week, three time F1 world champion,  Jackie Stewart had commented that he thinks Micheal will retire once again post this season owing to his mediocre comeback. However, the iconic British racer doesn’t seem to fully convinced with the likelihood of his thought coming true. That’s because he told ‘City AM’  a London based business publication, that Schumi is obviously fit, motivated and talented nut the car hasn’t been up to him.  According to latest media reports, Ecclestone has joined Jackie by saying that Micheal might retire by the end of 2010.

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