Royal Enfield Teases ‘120-Year Edition’ Of 650cc Twins; To Be Unveiled Today At EICMA

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Royal Enfield needs no introduction. Established in 1901, the brand has been around for quite some time now. The Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic 350 have an ever-growing cult following of their own. So much so, that every motorist at some point in his/her life thinks of buying a Royal Enfield. Despite lacking in features and overall performance (Not anymore, mind you!), RE has managed to sell its motorcycles like hotcakes.

Royal Enfield 120 Year Edition

On this very special 120th anniversary year of Royal Enfield, the brand has some big plans to celebrate its age-old history. Among them is the introduction of new concepts, newer 350cc motorcycles and the tastiest of them all are the ‘Special Editions’. All the new arrivals will be revealed at the EICMA, Milan. The event starts today and will be stretched till the 28th of November.

Royal Enfield 120 Year Edition Badge

Ahead of the release, the band has released a teaser of its ‘120 Year Edition’ of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, and although we did not get to see the complete bike, the teaser has gotten our hearts racing.

What can we expect?

The new elements can be seen in the form of pinstripes, new badges, and much more. The bikes get a darker theme to them. On the fuel tank, we see decals on the top, set on a black background. This decal looks rich in its golden color and shield-shaped look and carries the ‘RE’ symbol and ‘1901’ depicting the year the company was established. On either side of this decal, we get golden stripes running across the tank.

RE 120 Year Edition Collage

On the side, we see a new badge, circular, it has a brownish silver tinge on a black background. It also reminds us of the older badges that we once saw on Royal Enfields. The engine cover, clutch, and gearbox externals are all covered in matte-black and continue the dark theme forward earlier they had a chrome look.

Royal Enfield 120 Year Edition Blackened Engine

Being the 120-year special edition models these bikes will be more premium and will be placed slightly higher than the original models.

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